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What are Listicles? How to Write a Listicle [+ Examples and Ideas]

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How to Write a Listicle

In your content marketing strategy, you can use many different types of content. Listicle content is powerful. A Listicle is a great way of organizing information into an easily read and digestible article. Listicles can be shared easily and rank higher on search engines. They can also bring in more visitors to your website.

Listicles are also known as “list posts” and are articles written in a list-based format. The most popular listicle is a list with 10-20 items. The listicle is usually based on a specific theme. To make each item more valuable, modern listicles often contain additional information.

How To Choose The Format Of Your Listicle

There are many ways to format your post about How to Write a Listicle . Your post’s format will depend on the intent of the keyword. Keyword intent is the type of information searchers are looking for when searching for a keyword. The best way to find out what the user is searching for is by looking at the first page of search results. This page will give you an indication of the content users are searching for.

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Listicles come in many different forms, so here are some popular models to use for your article:

This is a list post with a brief description that is often associated with Buzzfeed. This is where you can create a long list and give brief descriptions. You should add compelling images and other media to this list.

Because they lack sufficient content, simple lists don’t work as well for SEO purposes. However, they can be used for promotion and social media.

*Best of List posts are shorter in content, but they can still build backlinks. This type of post can compile a list with the best bloggers, most quotes, and top websites. The person or company should be notified by email that they have been added to your list. This can often lead to a lot more social media shares and backlinks.

* Roundup posts or interview list posts contain helpful advice from many experts. This post was created by asking experts questions, compiling their answers, and creating a list.

*Expanded list posts are identical to shorter descriptions but give more detail than short descriptions. This will give your reader all the information they need to make a decision on each step.

This post is best for content that is how to write a listicle. This type of post can be used to build backlinks and a lot more social shares.

How to Execute Listicles Effectively

To avoid being left behind, content marketers need to follow these guidelines to know How to Write a Listicle:

Writing of high quality: Unique content can be a huge draw for backlinks. Be open to new angles that still have relevance.

Keep it short: A shorter B2B content will be more successful. Articles with smaller but more detailed lists will engage you more.

Keep your eyes on the prize: Don’t work to cover everything in one article. Some listicles are more well-known than others. It is also easier to find it online.

No clickbait. Clickbait is an easy way to get clicks, and it makes it hard for readers to trust your site in the future. False titles are not good for the customer experience.

Demonstrate expertise: A website can be trusted as an authoritative source by providing rich, multifaceted, and insightful content.

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