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Shiksha Ki Deewar – A Place Where A Needy Child who want to study, Gets Education

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Shiksha Ki Deewar- Something Good & Positive Thing Is Happening In World

today we are going to tell you something good in Indore, a ‘Shiksha Ki Deewar’ has now been created for lack of books in the education of needy and studying children so that copy-books and other stationery items are available to the needy children through this wall.

Will be made so that they can move forward.

Former South African President and great Gandhian leader Nelson Mandela had Said, an education a powerful weapon that can change the whole world.

A box is placed on the Shiksha Ki Deewar, any child who needs a book, writes his name, address etc. on a slip and gives this box pulses. Then he gets the material from there.

‘Wall of righteousness’ followed by ‘Shiksha Ki Deewar’
On the Adarsh ​​Greater Kailash Road in Indore, there is already a ‘wall of righteousness’.

Till now people used to leave clothes and other essential items, so that the needy can use these items, those who do not have clothes, can get clothes. Now the ‘Shiksha Ki Deewar’ has also been built near the ‘wall of righteousness’.

Here people can go by giving their children unused copy-books and stationery items.

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The future of children will change
People who have books kept at home and have no use. Such people can donate to them on this Shiksha Ki Deewar’, so that needy children can take them and complete their studies.

If this happens, the future of poor and needy children will be improved.

Children can get the necessary book in this way
In the education wall, children can write copy books according to their need and put them in a box. As soon as those books are available on the Shiksha Ki Deewar or if any donor is ready to give them directly to the children, then the books will be made available by calling that child.

People come forward to help
At the moment, people who are coming to give clothes on the ‘wall of righteousness’ are very happy to see the ‘Shiksha Ki Deewar’.

People are saying that many books of classrooms are kept in our homes too, they will soon donate them here so that children who are unable to read and write in the absence of books will also be able to get education.

Demand to implement this initiative across the country
It has been told that students who will be given these books.

They will be told that after completion of studies, they should leave the books again near the Shiksha Ki Deewar, so that these books can be given to other needy students.

People say that this is a commendable initiative, which should be implemented across the country.

Number of books will increase gradually
A Shiksha Ki Deewar has been started on the Greater Kailash Road of the city, near the wall of Neki, about a week ago.

Although there are not many books on the Shiksha Ki Deewar right now, but it is expected that as people get information about it, the number of books will increase here.

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