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18 Interesting Facts of Android | You Must Know 

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18 Interesting Facts Of Android | You Should Know

Around 15 years prior, the Internet was utilized more in PCs on the grounds that around then just a couple of individuals utilized PCs to get sufficient data regarding any matter.

However, today is the period of mobile & smartphones, we can undoubtedly look through the web quick utilizing the cell phone.

In the event that you are additionally a cell phone client, you will be all around familiar with the Android working framework.

Today, the “Android” Smartphone is turning into the best option of the client because of its appealing updates in the Android mobile phone throughout the previous few years.

Today, Android clients have the most number in India as well as abroad. On the off chance that you are additionally utilizing Android telephone right now and need to think about the historical backdrop of Android and the realities identify with it.

Since in this article we will educate you concerning 18 android interesting facts.

Android Fact 1. Did you realize that Android was made not by google but rather by people named Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris white in 2003 which was subsequently obtained by google in 2005.

Android Fact 2. Today 80% of all cell phones on the planet are bought by Android telephones. Because of which there are right now more than 1.4 billion android clients on the planet.

Android Fact 3. android was first dispatched as a computerized camera yet android makers transformed it into a cell phone thinking about its latent capacity.

Android Fact 4. In the year 2007, Google dispatched the Android working framework dependent on linux.

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Android Fact 5. Did you realize that the word Android alludes to a male robot, yet to ladies, the word is gynoid.

Android Fact 6. its functions as an open source, with the assistance of which one can add and change the source code of os.

Android Fact 7. You can peruse all the letest news, audits and so forth of android on phandroid first. Since phandroid is a site to giving data about the android totally since the year 2007.

Android Fact 8. android was found in 2003 out of the spot called California by some individuals named Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, and chris white.

Android Fact 9. As indicated by measurements, 42.38 million new clients use Android facebook application consistently.

Android Fact 10. South Korean portable producer Samsung, whose cell phones are acclaimed everywhere on the world, had the chance to purchase Android in the year 2004, yet Samsung was not sure of Android’s capacity.

Android Fact 11. Did you know Android’s logo isn’t called Android, yet Google casually name it Bugdroid.

Android Fact 12. In 2008, the main Android cell phone named Htc dream was dispatched with a sliding console.

Android Fact 13. All adaptations of android are letters in order grouping of English.

cupcake. 1.5

doughnut. 1.6

eclair. 2.0

froyo. 2.2

gingerbread. 2.3

honeycomb. 3.0

frozen yogurt sandwich. 4.0

jam bean. 4.3.1

KitKat. 4.4.4

candy. 5.0-5.1.1

marshmallow. 6.0

nougat. 7.0 – 7.1

oreo. 8 0

pie 9.0

Android Fact 14. at now, Android is accessible in 46 dialects ​​worldwide. Because of which the quantity of Android clients is expanding at a fast speed.

Android Fact 15. In 2005, google purchased android for 50 million dollars.

Android Fact 16. At the point when the first cell phone of Android was dispatched in 2008, the earphone jack was not accessible around then. Also, it worked with the assistance of Adapter.

Android Fact 17. Google play which is the application store of Android framework. Right now more than 3.5 million applications from various classification are available on play store. You know there are more than 10000 applications on play store just in Hindi language.

Android Fact 18. In 2011, when the Android 3.0 honeycomb rendition was dispatch in Motorola Xoom, the honeycomb variant was plan in a way that ran distinctly on tablets.

Be that as it may, the honeycomb flopped totally.

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what have you Learned?

In the present article, you found out about the 18 android interesting facts, we trust that perusing this article will help in understanding the prominence and history of android.

Assuming you have any inquiry or idea identified with this article, if it’s not too much trouble, remark underneath. We will attempt to respond to your inquiries soon.


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